Playagogo is an open play sessions for families with Children who have Social Communication issues and/or are on the Autistic Spectrum (or have similar traits or conditions). To attend Playagogo you do not need a diagnosis or full fill any complicated criteria. All we ask is that you complete the Booking Form to register your families attendance.

To attend Playagogo you do not need a diaganosis or to fullfil any complicated criteria

Whole Family Experience

The key objectives for Playagogo is to provide a play/learning opportunity for children with Social Communication issues that can be experienced with all of their family. Based at Bounceagogo‘s Surbiton venue, every Saturday morning the whole family (Including Nan, Grandad, brothers and sisters) can come along for a play in our spectacular Soft play room with a range of other activities running along side.

We provide an environment for our parents where you can relax, play with your children whilst surrounded by families with very similar experiences. In short, these session are great fun that all of the family can join in on! and make new friends.

Session Themes

What makes the playagogo approach unique is that session themes are not taught in a formal way traditionally found in a classroom or PE setting.

Playagogo run’s during term time and  each week characterised by a specific theme. Told through Social Stories the sessions theme is described. An example of a session theme is ‘Catching’ (kicking a ball, throwing, balance, running etc) . Playing alongside Playagogo staff and family, children will be either introduced to or helped to improve skills around, for example catching a ball, bean bag, hoop etc. What makes the playagogo approach unique is that session themes are not taught in a formal way traditionally found in a classroom or PE setting. Teaching in such a way for children with communication needs can create in many cases significant barriers to fun and learning. Here at Playagogo themes are integrated to the general scheme of play .i.e. it never stops being fun. What maintains the fun is that when the child has had enough they can go off and play, do another activity or just chill out with Mum and Dad, there’s no rules, boundaries or limits.

The teaching of themes each session is not just so that children can learn to catch etc. but it is about developing all of the cognitive, social and emotional benefits associated with the development of new skill. All of this takes place within the context of play, music and having fun.


Before each week parents will be sent out a short ‘explainer’ on how to for example ‘Catch’. Parents will then have the chance to show the film to their children, know themselves what is coming and practice or discuss the skill with their children.

Note: there is no expectation on behalf of Playagogo that the children pick up the skill at the session. If they do, great. If not, then no worries as its not really the point. The session is just an introduction to a new skill that can be practised over time if the child so chooses. Play, fun and being social and all of the associated benefits are what Playagogo is all about.

Social Story

Along with every ‘explainer’,  there may be a Social Story will be sent out each week explaining the theme of the session and what is going to happen within it. This can then be shared with your children to help with the process of pre-teaching.


As already stated, siblings are  welcome and indeed are encouraged to come. Playagogo is a place where children without specific communication needs can play with their sibling’s who may not have extra needs as well as meet and play with lots of other families and their children. All children at Playagogo can join in with the theme of the session to the extent that they want to join in. Likewise they are free to join in on the massive inflatables, ‘Shoot some hoops’ or talk to the horses in the fields outside. Everyone in attendance is there to make up the ‘Whole Family’ Playagogo experience.

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