Playagogo is a Whole Family Play & Learning Experience for children who have Social Communication needs, are on the Autistic Spectrum or have similar traits or conditions.

Playagogo Play Room - Serious Fun

Playagogo Play Room is just one part of a great morning of play

Based at our (Bounceagogo) Surbiton venue, children with their Mum, Dad, Siblings and/or Nan & Grandad can come and play in our amazing play room, take part in a range of different physical and arts & craft activities as well as also having that option of chilling out with a quality coffee or tea (Adults only of course) and bacon sarnies (for everyone)!

Check out our About page……

Yes, Playagogo is full of fabulous play equipment, great visuals, music, chilled out atmosphere and great families but, this has all been created so families who have a child with Social Communication needs and/or are on the Autistic Spectrum can have fun together as a family. With the support of the family and the Playagogo team in a fun and playful environment we aim to help support the emotive, social, physical and development of Children with Social Communication needs. Again, check out our About page….

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